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Manage Risk

When institutions and businesses confront facilities pressures due to the inadequate quality, size, location, lease/ownership and market challenges, a real estate/facilities strategy is warranted. Aligning this strategic plan with an organization's mission and operational budget is the key to insuring a sustainable institution.

MIS Capital LLC creates project driven real estate structures that monetize unrecognized organizational and tax strategy values, while harnessing non-profit driven financing.  Our development process combines: 

  • Expertise, leadership and history of navigating the complex web of interrelated development tasks required to control and reduce project capital and insure smooth project completion on time and on budget;
  • Proven approaches to securing both on and off market properties and access to real estate market data through the commercial brokerage networks;
  • Significant track record of structuring real estate transactions and securing financing, tax credits and grants.

MIS Capital LLC creates value for clients by increasing revenue capacity, understanding realizable and sustainable project metrics and producing more competitive facility results.

Avoid Icebergs

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